Feb 252021

On February 23, the North Carolina State Board of Elections determined that the Green and Constitution Parties can keep their registrants, at least until June 2021. Both parties lost their qualified status in November 2020 for failing to poll 2% for either President or Governor, and also failing to have their presidential nominees on the ballot in at least 35 states. But the party’s registrants will not be forced to register some other way, at least for a few months.
Both parties will try to petition onto the ballot again by June 2021. They each need 13,757 signatures. Both parties have begun their petitioning.
North Carolina is one of the few states that forces members of parties that…

External feed Read More at the Source: http://ballot-access.org/2021/02/24/north-carolina-will-not-erase-green-and-constitution-party-registrants-until-june-2021-at-the-earliest/


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