Apr 102013

Today I

  • Planted the bucket of banana peppers
  • Screened 20 gallons of compost (aaaand I didn’t put my legs into it and I guess I’m old so ow my back)
  • Tackled a third of the back yard with the ol’ lawn mower (the horrible invasive Switchgrass must be annihilated)
  • Organized my collection of empty containers

Tomorrow I must

  • Do that work thing (details…)
  • Plant the bell peppers (in the garden, and in containers, for comparison and who doesn’t want extra peppers?)
  • Plant a patch or two of green onions
  • Mix up a bunch of the screen compost and media to fill all of my containers (I hope I have enough)

I want to go to the farmers market to get more seedlings, but … time, what is time? I finish work at one but have a meeting at three so it’s not likely to happen. Oh well, that’s what Thursday’s for!

And then comes having to wait. I rushed a bit and planted the banana pepper bucket only a day after blending in fresh media/compost and soaking it… and, yep, the soil structure had yet to fully settle and drainage is going to be fun for a few weeks. So after making the initial pots and soaking them, I guess I have to wait a few days and soak and top them off before planting. I hear that lets the pH stabilize too…

In the meantime, I think I need to buy another sack of vermiculute (boo) since I’m going to be about a cubic foot short for filling the trellis beds (at least they’re only eight cubic feet), and with the forecast for the next two weeks there’s no real reason not to get the cucumbers, melons, and squash in next week.

CC BY-ND 4.0 The Garden Gains More Plants by clinton is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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