Apr 152022

Biden’s charge of “genocide” in Ukraine is a political provocation consciously aimed at whipping up a public hysteria to legitimize a massive escalation of the war, including the full-scale, open participation by the United States.

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Apr 062022

On April 6, the California Assembly Elections Committee heard AB 2808, the bill to prohibit charter cities and counties from using ranked choice voting. In California, committees vote on bills immediately after the testimony. There was a great deal of testimony against the bill. Afterwards, no member of the committee moved that the bill pass, which wasn’t surprising, because all but one member of the committee criticized the bill. Technically the bill isn’t defeated (because no vote was taken) but it seems obvious the bill is dead.

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Apr 062022

Copyright filters are having a bit of a moment in Washington D.C. The Copyright Office is moving ahead with a process to determine what, if anything, constitutes a standard technical measure (STM) that platforms would have to accommodate. And, if that proves too onerous, Congress has Big Content’s back with the Strengthening Measures to Advance Rights Technologies Copyright Act.
This filter mandate bill would task the Copyright Office with designating technical measures (DTMs instead of STMs) that internet services must use to address copyright infringement. Both the Copyright Office proceeding and this bill have the potential to result in the same thing: more copyright filters.
For those who make and share things online, be it through scripted and…

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