Feb 232020

The Fourth Circuit wants oral argument in Kopitke v Bell, 19-2355. This is the lawsuit challenging North Carolina’s March petition deadline for independent candidates, and the requirement that they collect approximately 70,000 valid signatures if they are running for statewide … Continue reading →

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Feb 232020

[René Ceballos] contacted us about the new XFM2 FM synthesizer board, successor to the XFM that we covered on Hackaday last year. In addition to changing FPGAs from a Spartan 6 to an Artix-7 35, the DAC was also upgraded from 16 to 24 bits. Since the project is based around two easily available boards for the FPGA and DAC functionality, it is something that should be easy for anyone to recreate. The project consists…

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Feb 232020

FFII contends that the departure of Britain from the EU has invalidated the “unitary patent” agreement, and this offers a chance to kill it permanently. This is important because that deal would make the European Patent Office effectively autonomous regarding the question of which ideas are patentable — and it would certainly take advantage of that to rule that computational ideas are patentable. This offers one more chance to try to save software from patents…

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Feb 232020

San Francisco—The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and the Americans for Financial Reform (AFR) Education Fund today called on ICANN and private equity firm Ethos Capital to make public secret details—hidden costs, loan servicing fees, and inducements to insiders—about financing the $1.1 billion sale of the .ORG domain registry.EFF and AFR today also urged the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to review the leveraged buyout, which will have profound effects on millions of charities, public interest organizations,…

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Feb 232020

This article originally appeared on VICE Canada.Airbnb is encouraging its hosts to purchase noise surveillance devices in an effort to crack down on parties. As part of its “party prevention” campaign, the home-sharing service is offering discounts on devices designed to alert hosts when there’s an irregular level of noise in their homes. An email I received on Thursday from Airbnb (I’ve occasionally rented out my apartment) told me to “plan ahead to protect your…

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Feb 232020

When Apple’s App Store launched in 2008, it was widely hailed as a breakthrough in computing, a “curated experience” that would transform the chaos of locating and assessing software and replace it with a reliable one-stop-shop where every app would come pre-tested and with a trusted seal of approval. But app stores are as old as consumer computing. From the moment that timeshare computers started to appear in research institutions, college campuses, and large corporations,…

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Feb 232020

The number of law enforcement agencies Ring partners with continues to grow — up to nearly 900 by the latest count. Ring pitches its devices to homeowners as a better way to keep their homes secure. And maybe it is. But the pitches it makes to law enforcement agencies are something else. Ring drives this particularly questionable engagement by insinuating people who’ve received free or cheap cameras will become part of a surveillance network overseen…

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Feb 232020

A police investigator in Spain is trying to solve a crime, but she only has an image of a suspect’s face, caught by a nearby security camera. European police have long had access to fingerprint and DNA databases throughout the 27 countries of the European Union and, in certain cases, the United States. But soon, that investigator may be able to also search a network of police face databases spanning the whole of Europe and…

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