Aug 062023

This is just collection of alternatives to EPub for electronic
books and similar stuff.

Why to have alternative to EPub: The publishing industry has
a problem, and EPUB is not the solution ? … the author (Jani
Patokallio) has a bit of problem confusing EPub with DRM, but
otherwise his point that ZIP archive of HTMLs would do at
least as well as EPub is a valid one. Except of course there is
absolutely no reader for such animal.
Portable Documents for the Open Web (Part 1) (part 2 and
part 3) how this is seen by the publishing industry (by the
chairman of IDPF).
Forest of evergreen notes … personal storage of knowledge,
quite related to the concept of public Zettelkasten by Andy
Matuschak. Right, Zettelkasten. There I…

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