Jul 282023

Soldering can get frustrating when you’re working fast. It often feels like you don’t have enough hands, particularly on jobs where you need to keep feeding solder in a hurry. To solve that issue, [mulcmu] developed a simple one-handed solder feeder.
The solder is fed out of the tip by simply dragging it with the thumb.
The intended use-case is for busy work like soldering long pin headers. The one-handed device allows solder to be continually fed while the other hand uses the soldering iron. It solves a long-running problem for [mulcmu], after their experiments with techniques inspired by TIG welding came to nought.
The design uses a pen-like form factor. A 3D-printed hollow tube has a wire ferrule…

External feed Read More at the Source: https://hackaday.com/2023/07/27/a-simple-one-handed-solder-feeder/


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