Jul 272023

For years, Kansas Highway Patrol troopers have stopped motorists on interstate highways. That’s the job. But the job became much more interesting when neighboring states legalized marijuana. Colorado led the way, with others following, but Colorado’s actions have had the most impact on the KHP. Missouri’s more recent legalization has only compounded the problem facing drivers on Kansas highways.
Thanks to the fact that there’s legal weed right over the border, KHP troopers are assuming anyone with out of state plates is headed to enjoy legal activities (in Colorado and Missouri) that are still illegal in Kansas. Opportunism is the name of the game. And that game means KHP troopers routinely violate rights, not to mention ignore…

External feed Read More at the Source: https://www.techdirt.com/2023/07/26/federal-judge-says-state-troopers-kansas-two-step-bullshit-violates-the-rights-of-drivers/


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