Apr 062023

US police have used the database nearly a million times: Clearview took photos without users’ knowledge, its CEO Hoan Ton-That acknowledged in an interview last month. Doing so allowed for the rapid expansion of the company’s massive database, which is marketed on its website to law enforcement. […] Ton-That said “Clearview AI’s database of publicly available images is lawfully collected, just like any other search engine like Google.” Notable privacy advocate Facebook begs to differ: “Clearview AI’s actions invade people’s privacy which is why we banned their founder from our services and sent them a legal demand to stop accessing any data, photos, or videos from our services,” a Meta spokesperson said….

External feed Read More at the Source: https://www.jwz.org/blog/2023/04/clearview-ai-scraped-30-billion-images-from-facebook-and-gave-them-to-cops/


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