Nov 012022

In Emacs version 28 Emacs developers introduced so-called read symbol shorthands.
If you’re interested in the rationale, feel free to search the Emacs developer mailing list for the discussion.
However, it does seem that not everyone likes the idea of shorthands as a substitution for namespaces (or packages, if you’re coming from Common Lisp).
Neither did I.
And recently, a branch was set up that implements Common Lisp-style packages for Emacs.
In the discussion Richard Stallman, however, notes:

CL packages are the wrong way to implement packages in Lisp.
As I explained in a discussion two years ago, packages implemented using obarrays (or equivalent) don’t work reliably.
We have a much better basis for Lisp packages in the shorthands mechanism.
It only needs to be…

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